Designing and Making your OWN Opal Jewellery is a exciting, Simple and Fast Experience.

And now because of technology (3D printing) much more affordable


You're in the right place if you answer yes to one of the following...

  1. You want to make something extra special by taking part in the designing process. Or
  2. You have an image of a design in you mind but you're unable to find it avaliable online.

Below is an example of the CAD (computer Generated Drawing) that you will get for FREE.  Each CAD costs us around $50 to create. 


So why are we doing it for free?

Because we know that if the design looks good and the price is right then there's a good chance that you'll go ahead with making the item. Even if you don't, that's fine I just want you to give us a try! Here's what a CAD looks like... 

Once the CAD is complete and you give us the go-ahead to proceed we will be able to make the item in only two weeks!


To get your FREE design it’s as simple as 1,2, 3 
1) Choose an opal (you will do this on the next page)
2) Answer a couple of questions regarding metal choice and if you want to include any diamonds.
3) Tell us the setting type or upload a sketch or a photo (that you have found online i.e. Google images)
It's that easy!
It's fast, and you might even find it enjoyable.  Start now... (it's completly free)!