Only 100% natural solid opal from Australia ( no doublets, triplets, treated or synthetic opals) . Unconditional Return policy! More About Shipping & Returns

Only 100% natural solid opal from Australia ( no doublets, triplets, treated or synthetic opals) . Unconditional Return policy! More About Shipping & Returns


Acquire Nature's Most Amazing And Compelling Gemstone.

Set in a contemporary setting by an expert opal jewellery master for you to enjoy now and for many decades into the future.

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In our physical shop and here online you will find the largest collection of solid (100% natural) OPAL jewellery pieces in Brisbane.

Australian Opal Jewellery

Here are 20 examples of what's possible. These were all solid opals, which we personally cut, shaped, designed, set and then sold (to view 250 more examples click here).

We go the Extra Mile to help you find the prefect piece

We model all of our jewellery because we want to give you a good idea of the size and how it actually looks when on someone - Here is a sample video of Kerin modelling an item...

Quality Service

With years of experience in dealing in opal jewellery and unset opals, serving both international tourists and locals, we know that what our customers want...

  1. Quality product
  2. Knowledgeable friendly staff
  3. A large selection to choose from, and...
  4. A reassuring money-back guarantee/warranty policy that gives our customers peace of mind.
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The best decision we ever made

Opening up a museum next to the jewellery shop.

In 2009 We opened up a little Opal Museum next to the Jewellery shop. After 10 years, with the help of jewellery shop sales the museum has grown into a very special attraction with an impressive collection located in the same building as the jewellery shop. This year we decided that it was best to transition the Opal Museum into Not-for-Profit-Organization (called “Museum of Australian Opals”) . We hope this will allow the Museum to grow into a truly incredible experience! To visit the Opal Museum website - Click here


You Can Read In My Book How The Opal Museum Was Concieved, And How It Has Evolved.

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Where Do You Get Your Opals From?

The answer is everywhere and anywhere, as long as it’s good quality, 100% natural (solid) and a fair price. The bulk of my opal rough comes from one of five opal miners in Queensland, and a couple of miners in Lightning Ridge (NSW). However as I sit here (March 2023) and look around the shop, I see opal from everyone of the 17 opal fields in Australia. I love buying opal! - I'm just like most of my customers however, I've taken it to the extreme!

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Where Do You Get Your Opals From
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When it comes to my business I strive for perfection. Especially when it comes to the jewellery. So when inspecting the jewellery, the item needs to…

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